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2018 Local Political Advertising Outlook

This is our final analysis of what happened in 2017, and our look-ahead for 2018. In short, 2017 was a record year for an "odd" post-Presidential Election year, and 2018 is likely to follow that trend, with $8.5 billion forecast for spending on mid-term elections.

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Who's Buying Direct Mail Advertising?

Despite the growing attraction of digital media, Direct Mail remains a resilient medium. Consumer usage of mailed advertising is up, and the savviest of marketers are supplementing their campaigns with mailed promotions. This report takes a deep dive into the responses of 1,640 local businesses who use direct mail advertising.

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Ad Spending at the Local Level

What are SMBs spending? It’s an important question, and we know the answer. We offer data-rich reports for any locality, down to the county level. We are the leading experts in monitoring and forecasting local advertising trends. We track expenditures across all U.S. markets. Our offerings include:

  • Online access to data & forecasts for any locality
  • Ongoing surveys of SMB spending trends
  • Subscription to monthly reports & webinars on key trends
  • Consulting & Presentations

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Advertising Conference

Local Online Advertising Conferences


Each spring we hold the largest gathering of local media's digital executives. This premiere event draws very high ratings, with more than 90% of attendees saying they plan to return. The event is at the Grand Hyatt in New York City.  In addition to networking opportunities, this event offers exposure to who’s successfully navigating the complex digital landscape, seizing the greatest market share of both audience and ad dollars.





Local Market Data

Our primary product, called Compass, gives media companies actionable guidance on spending by 100 business categories on 33 marketing channels in their local markets. Borrell clients use Compass to identify and size opportunities, track market shares, get more sales appointments and become stronger marketing consultants.

Trends & Analyses

Borrell Industry Research Papers

Subscribe to a variety of analysis-rich Industry Papers that cover topical issues in both online and mobile advertising, often in the framework of how those trends affect traditional media. Topics include annual outlooks on key verticals (automotive, real estate, and recruitment) and subjects driven by industry trends.

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