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2016 Local Advertiser Survey

Results Are In

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In addition to the full survey, we're offering results from 29 other cross-tab results. Select one from the list below to see some of what we found. Subscribers can purchase the cross-tabs or the full survey for half off!

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  • Full Survey Results
  • 01.Planning to Increase Ad Budgets

    There were 1,066 respondents. Some insights:

    Get contacted more (32 calls/mo. vs 25 for all SMBs)

    Buy more types of media (9.8 vs 5.5 for all SMBs)

    2x more likely to increase online spending

  • 02.Buyers of Streaming Video Advertising

    There were 1,494 respondents. Some insights:

    Biggest buyers are retailers

    Are big radio & TV advertisers

  • 03.Buyers of Local Programmatic

    There were 1,258 respondents. Some insights:

    22% buy ads on Instagram

    53% less likely to buy TV advertising

  • 04.Yellow Pages Advertisers

    There were 2,073 respondents. Some insights:

    41% plan to decrease or eliminate directory spending

    31% more likely to buy ads on newspaper website

  • 05.Local Radio Advertisers

    There were 2,677 respondents. Some insights:

    37% more likely to increase online ad spending

    42% more likely to buy sponsorships

  • 06.Real Estate Agents & Brokers

    There were 290 respondents. Some insights:

    Buy from fewer media companies (3 vs 5.5 for all SMBs)

    71% buy newspaper print ads

  • 07.Local Auto Dealers

    There were 140 respondents. Some insights:

    Avg. 84 calls/mo. from ad reps (vs 25 for all SMBs)

    See TV reps as more digitally savvy than all other media reps

  • 08.Local Ad Agencies

    There were 351 respondents. Some insights:

    3x more likely to use digital ad network for cross-site buying

    Rate TV sales reps significantly higher for digital savvy

  • 09.Local Retailers

    There were 1,223 respondents. Some insights:

    30% are using mobile coupons

    74% have mobile-optimized website

  • 10.Buyers of Social Media Ads

    There were 1,349 respondents. Some insights:

    More than half (55%) also buy radio spots

    More than two-thirds (68%) use event marketing

  • 11.Social Media Enthusiasts

    There were 3,579 respondents. Some insights:

    61% use event marketing

    67% see social media engagement as a success metric

  • 12.Planning to Re-Do Website

    There were 1,986 respondents. Some insights:

    24% more likely to increase online spending

    25% more likely to be on YouTube

  • 13.Local TV Advertisers

    There were 1,589 respondents. Some insights:

    71% are buying banner ads

    48% are purchasing online video

  • 14.Local Cable Advertisers

    There were 1,409 respondents. Some insights:

    73% are buying radio ads (vs. 39% for all SMBs)

    83% utilize geotargeted online ads

  • 15.Local Cinema Advertisers

    There were 310 respondents. Some insights:

    81% buy newspaper ads

    Twice as likely to buy online video ads

  • 16.Direct Mail Advertisers

    There were 2,270 respondents. Some insights:

    65% also buy email advertising

    40% more likely to increase online spending

  • 17.Restaurant & Bars

    There were 224 respondents. Some insights:

    81% are buying social media ads

    34% using online coupons

  • 18.Local Franchises

    There were 500 respondents. Some insights:

    Avg. ad spend is $176,144/yr., 66% more than avg. SMB

    51% bought Search Engine ads in 2015; 78% plan to buy in 2016

  • 19.Local Healthcare Businesses

    There were 842 respondents. Some insights:

    Get called on less (18 ad-sales calls/mo. vs 25 for all SMBs)

    Less likely to see social media as significant source of leads

  • 20.Inclined to Buy Digital

    There were 4,628 respondents. Some insights:

    35% more likely to advertise in local theaters

    26% more likely to buy Facebook ads

  • 21.Local Magazine Advertisers

    There were 2,455 respondents. Some insights:

    Buy from 9 different media cos. (vs. 5 for avg. SMB)

    75% more likely to buy outdoor or cinema advertising

  • 22.Mobile Ad Buyers

    There were 1,261 respondents. Some insights:

    Get contacted more (48 calls/mo. vs 24 for all SMBs)

    140% more likely to buy YouTube ads

  • 23.Local Newspaper Advertisers

    There were 4,068 respondents. Some insights:

    22% more likely to increase online spending

    17% more likely to use event marketing

  • 24.Local Nonprofit Advertisers

    There were 1,273 respondents. Some insights:

    Avg. ad spend is $85,155/yr 24% less than avg. SMB

    2x as Likely to consider events as major lead source

  • 25.Local Out-of-Home Advertisers

    There were 1,328 respondents. Some insights:

    2x more likely to be called on by ad-sales reps

    61% plan to increase online ad spending

  • 26.$1 Million-Plus in Revenue

    There were 2,866 respondents. Some insights:

    Heavier buyers of broadcast and digital advertising

    More likely to increase digital spending in 2016

  • 27.Tiny Local Businesses

    There were 3,579 respondents. Some insights:

    Get fewer ad-sales attempts (20 vs 25)

    Buy from fewer media companies (3.6 vs 5.5)

  • 28.Building/Home Service Advertisers

    There were 450 respondents. Some insights:

    52% have bought search engine listings

    36% have purchased SEO services

  • 29.Financial Services Advertisers

    There were 243 respondents. Some insights:

    56% consider their website to be a non-essential part of their company

    45% plan on spending on direct mail

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plan on maintaining or increasing their level of advertising spend

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