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Local franchise operations can be perplexing to media companies and ad agencies. Some spend millions on local advertising, while others ride along on national brand campaigns and don't spend a penny locally. This report, based on our survey of 500 franchisees, examines what they're spending, where they're spending it, and how that's changing

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This year's winner of the Borrell Award of Merit is Esteban Lopez Blanco of Entravision Communications. The announcement was made Monday, March 6, in New York at #LOAC2017 before a crowd of about 400 media executives. Blanco was cited as an "internal guiding force" within the Hispanic broadcast company, and hailed by Entravision's CEO for his "talent, vision and creativity."

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Ad Spending at the Local Level

What are SMBs spending? It’s an important question, and we know the answer. We offer data-rich reports for any locality, down to the county level. We are the leading experts in monitoring and forecasting local advertising trends. We track expenditures across all U.S. markets. Our offerings include:

  • Online access to data & forecasts for any locality
  • Ongoing surveys of SMB spending trends
  • Subscription to monthly reports & webinars on key trends
  • Consulting & Presentations

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