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Custom Presentations

that engage and inform viewers

Examples of Borrell's custom presentations & webinars

We conduct scores of presentations in person and via webinar every year, typically for executive management, industry seminars and trade conferences. Each presentation is tailored to your needs. We tie the "big-picture" analysis into actionable information about the audience's specific markets. These presentations are challenging, insightful and filled with facts about the future direction of new advertising formats and trends.

We work with your representative to outline the goals you have for the presentation and any special considerations that will enhance our ability to meet your needs

Example topics include

The Digital Marketing Landscape – Identifying Opportunities
- Presentation for senior managers of a regional multi-media company
Organizational Structure, Compensation and Performance of Digital Sales AEs
- Presentation to Board and senior management of a broadcast group
Local Advertising Trends: the Future of Online Media
- Presentation for a national multi-media company Board
The Future of Newspapers... Isn't as Scary as it Seems
- Keynote at a newspaper industry conference
Uncovering the Mystery of Vanishing Recruitment Advertising
- Webinar for local media companies
Where's the Money? Online Ad Trends
- Presentation for sales managers in a cable company
The Competitive Landscape for SMBs' Digital Dollars
- Presentation for senior managers of a real estate website
What's Driving Ads in your DMA
- Presentation at a broadcasting industry conference
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