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Understand the methodology behind the numbers

Our "numbers" come from a model of marketing spending that has been under development – and in use by media companies – since the 1990s. Kip Cassino started combining data sources to produce models of market spending activity when he worked at Knight Ridder. When he predicted the imminent collapse of the classified advertising franchise he was rewarded for his foresight with a pink slip. He founded Ad Audit Services and sold his estimates to a variety of media companies.

When Ad Audit Services added Internet advertising to its estimates, Borrell Associates became its client – and very soon its largest client. In 2005 Borrell Associates purchased Ad Audit Services, and Kip became our Senior Vice President of Research.


Read a quick overview of the methodology.

Slide Deck

Download a slide deck that illustrates how we derive the estimates for one business category.


Watch a 54-minute presentation about our methodology. Download the PowerPoint deck from that presentation.

Slide Deck

Why Borrell Numbers Look Wrong - Download a slide deck about how our definitions and assumptions about local ad spending may differ from yours, and how that can affect the numbers.


Download a memo explaining Borrell's definition of "Local."

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