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Advertiser Seminars

A Recipe for Success - Building relationships with local advertisers

Step 1.

You invite local businesses to a free seminar by Borrell on Trends in Local Advertising


Step 2.

We conduct a 45-minute session about local marketing spending patterns


Step 3.

We show data for your market and for a couple of example business categories


Step 4.

We invite attendees to get data for their category from one of your reps in the room


Step 5.

You present a few simple "Seminar Special" online ad packages to attendees


Step 6.

After the presentation, your reps use category-specific data to engage with attendees


Step 7.

You keep all the revenue*


Step 8.

Your reps keep the experience of using data to sell advertising

* Clients who follow our advice on best practices for these seminars invariably cover the cost of their annual Compass data and the seminar - often by a factor of two or three.

This process works beautifully for local media companies in markets large and small.

  • We coach you on best practices for getting the right people to come to your seminar
  • We brief your staff by webinar and in-person on what to expect in the seminar
  • We help you create handouts for the attendees
  • We provide "objective-expert-from-out-of-town" credibility
  • We leave you with the slide deck to use in your own presentations

Our advertiser seminars help train sales reps on the value of using good data in a conversation with an advertiser, and give them some hands-on experience with your Compass data.

Clients who engage our On-Site Sales Training before they bring us in for an Advertiser Seminar will get better results from the seminars, but we have plenty of satisfied clients who have done it the other way around too – and had us back for encores.

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