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Put Big Data To Work

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Have a target account you'd like to win? We can get it done.
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How It Works

We provide the data.

We build the presentation.

We travel to the client.

You get new customers.

You collect new commissions.

You get to be the hero!
We're helping ad agencies, marketing firms, PR groups and media companies win – and keep – new business.
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Using fresh combinations of market research and big data, we're delivering deeper business, audience, and media insights.

Our insights help Media teams make better decisions, get better results, and deliver more ROI.

Our target audience understanding provides clearer direction for Creative teams so they can develop more effective messaging and imagery.

We put You in the know – and automatically position you as a more complete and engaged marketing partner.

Hear From People We've Already Helped

Agencies today need more than a good idea, a social media maven, and a talented creative department to attract a new client. They need data. Good industry trend data. Solid market share data. Target consumer insight data that generates opportunity. Borrell data is the “missing link” that turns a good presentation into one that wins the business, and our process is getting some attention...

"Borrell Associates has been a tremendous partner and resource in helping us transform research and insights into potential new client opportunities. Borrell’s ability to dive into data and uncover business opportunities within our market has helped us open doors and gain the attention of high visibility prospects. We’re looking forward to working more with Borrell Associates in the future.”

Joe Delatte, VP Marketing & Development - Seventh Point

"Why didn't somebody think of this 20 years ago?"

Gene Ely, Editor & Publisher - Media Life Magazine

“Marketing services organizations that are looking to differentiate themselves must look beyond cultivating their niche, attracting the best talent and profitably delivering value. Ideally, they are also viewed as strategic partners, who leverage actionable data to answer their client’s toughest questions. Borrell Associates can help agency’s client strategy and client service teams obtain, retain and grow vital accounts."

Eric Edwards, Partner - Creative Performance, Inc.
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