What is LOAC 2017

The 2017 Local Online Advertising Conference returns to New York March 6-7 with a focus on the most important link in the chain - the sales organization, and particularly the local sales rep. If they fail, the entire organization is in jeopardy. In 2016, these “direct” sales forces were responsible for driving more than half of all locally spent digital advertising, to the tune of $25 billion.

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What Will You See?

Opening Session: 2017 Local Advertising Outlook

Borrell Associates CEO Gordon Borrell sets the scene for the next two days by laying out the most important trends unfolding in 2017. This session includes a frank look, in classic Borrell style, at winners and losers on the local scene.

Keynote: If Your Local Marketers Aren't Buying Mobile, You're Failing Them

Mobile is a bigger deal than most realize - It is not just another marketing channel. It is business transformational and a revolution in consumers' shifting media habits. Within that is a major competitive opportunity. And while mobile is tailor-made for local marketers, the challenge is that local media companies are likely completely ill-prepared to support marketers in mobile. Probably why only 17% of local marketers say they're buying any sort of mobile advertising. Greg Stuart, author and Global CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, lays out the landscape for mobile marketing, why it's hard and what local media probably need to know and do to catch up. Part of this presentation will include new insights from a $3 million research program conducted with major marketers.

A Winning Strategy for Traditional Media

Ezra Kucharz, an award-winning media strategist who's spent the past two decades developing digital game plans, lays out the particulars of a "winning" strategy. The former president of CBS Local Digital Media will identify basic mistakes in applying old rules to a new medium, and describe scalable and resilient strategies for local broadcast & print media to drive significant incremental revenue.

The Path Ahead, from the Perspective of the Industry's Digital Leadership

We've asked five of the local media industry's best and brightest - the chief architects and drivers of digital operations within their companies - to give us their views on what's in store for 2017 and beyond. In stand-alone presentations throughout the conference, they'll take the stage to discuss their biggest initiatives in 2017, their most important dashboard metrics, what a "failing" strategy looks like, and what they believe their companies will look like five years from now.

Psyche! What Those Newfangled Tests Tell Us About Sales Reps (and Buyers)

Psychological testing of employees has been around awhile, but a new set of tests portends to act as a sort of eHarmony for the ad seller and ad buyer. This session examines both types of testing and offers insights on how well they're working in vetting reps and matching them with compatible buyers.

Down-And-Dirty Startups: Digital Agencies

Are media-born digital agencies a knee-jerk reaction to needing to find new revenue? Or are they viable means to serving new advertisers and retaining old ones? A panel of executives who have overseen the startup and troublesome early years offer their views on what's working and what's not. The panel will pull back the curtain on the financials and take a hard look at the future revenue potential, as well as profits, from digital agencies.

Serving Local Auto Dealers in the Digital Age

Though Autotrader.com, Cars.com, and Dealer.com seem to be "category killers," plenty of local media companies are serving dealers with a powerful mix of offerings. This session features three companies that have developed a uniquely packaged set of products that are driving significant results for dealers.

Preserving and Growing Recruitment Advertising

Thanks to a new set of innovation from tech providers, online recruitment advertising still fetches six- and seven-figure incomes for some local operators. Advances in candidate-matching and targeted advertising are helping media companies retain and expand their online recruitment programming.

Tapping Riches in Pre-roll, Mid-roll, & Long-Form Video

The video boom is yielding a corresponding boom in advertising riches as advertisers large and small rush to meet the viewing audience online. This session highlights media companies that have found those riches and what they're doing to ride the video advertising wave.

Bye-Bye Banners, Hello Hypertargeting

Banner ads are almost impossible to sell without specific audience targets attached. Enormous data sets from companies like Axciom and others, combined with mobile data, give marketers the ability to reach the exact person at the exact moment with the exact creative. And it's driving tremendous results. We'll examine four companies delivering hyper-targeted ads at the local level, and how they're doing it.

Driving Revenue with Social Media Management

It's not just about Facebook. OK, it's MOSTLY about Facebook. But, there are other platforms to consider when managing a client's social media presence. This session takes a rapid-fire approach to review how each of the social media platforms tie into revenue-generating programs.

Training & Certifying the Sales Force: Which Programs Work Best?

Scores of training and certification programs purport to give reps the swag they need to become top performers. In this no-bull session, we'll dissect the various programs to determine which ones seem to work best. What's most suitable for outsourced training, and what type of training can/should be taken in-house?

Hunting Millennials: How To Find A 'Keeper' Sales Force

It's easy to find Millennials. They're everywhere. But if you're trying to hire sales reps, how do you find the right Millennials? This session features tips on not only where to find them but how to identify those coveted "keepers." We've asked one of the best sales strategists in the business, Matt Sunshine, to offer practical advice on how to recruit, select and keep a coveted sales force.

OVERVIEW: Where Facebook is Headed with Local Media

Organized by the Local Media Association, a core group of local media executives has been meeting with Facebook to address industry concerns and work on mutually beneficial partnership terms. LMA President Nancy Lane and three other media executives describe where they think Facebook is headed and what they see as the key advantages -- and pitfalls -- in working with the company.

Best Practices: Facebook as a Content Distribution Tool

This session features three speakers from media companies that are having success monetizing Instant Articles and other Facebook content-distribution/promotion strategies. While many are using Instant Articles and Facebook Live and garnering a lot of views, the money has been sparse. We found three that have broken the code, generating significant revenue.

Best Practices: Using Facebook Live

Facebook Live has become a phenomenon for media companies -- especially local TV stations. This session lays out the advantages, disadvantages, and pitfalls of working with Facebook Live to drive revenue, brand awareness, station viewership, and site traffic.

Best Practices: Facebook Advertising

Many local media companies are selling millions, at high profit margins, in Facebook advertising to SMBs in their markets. This session will feature three that made this a top priority and are significantly growing revenue. In addition, the LMA will highlight key questions from their new Facebook sales training sessions that should help with areas of confusion around display, boosted posts, video advertising platforms and more.

Best Practices: Training Broadcast & Print Reps to Sell Digital

Hiring "online only" reps is great, but plenty of organizations believe that leveraging their existing print or broadcast sales forces are the best approach. This session features front-line experience from companies utilizing "legacy" sales forces to sell digital. Are all reps required to sell? Are they better as lead generators who turn the sale over to "digital specialists?"

Best Practices: Collecting the Best Client Intel

An abundance of sources offers insights into potential clients, empowering reps as consultative sellers. New sets of readily available data, assembled appropriately for clients, are becoming the pixie dust that animates potential clients and turns them into eager buyers.

Making Sense of the Great SMB Revolution of 2017

Drawing from a massive survey of SMB marketing activities the largest in the country Borrell's VP of Research, dubbed "the new guru of local advertising" describes the revolution he sees occurring this year among local advertisers. Some clues: It involves prices, results, the selection of the best media mix, and a whole lot of Facebook.

Keynote: The Blurring Lines of TV and Digital

As a president of one of the largest video ad platforms and chair of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Lauren Wiener has unique purview into the consumption shifts from linear TV to digital video across devices. Ms. Wiener's experience at the forefront informs a prediction of what's ahead for video advertising--and the smartest ways local media can capitalize on future changes.

The New Real Estate Marketing Funnel

With a majority of home searches beginning and often ending online, agents and brokers are looking for innovative ways to shift the estimated $10 billion they spend on advertising annually to digital media. At the forefront of this digital transformation is Realtor.com, which pioneered the industry 20 years ago and today is ranked No.1 by homebuyers in terms of how they found an agent and their new home. Ryan O'Hara, CEO, offers his view of where the real estate industry is headed, and how the business of serving consumers, agents and brokers is likely to continue evolving.

HomeAdvisor's Success Story: Tapping the Home-Improvement Business

When it comes to tapping the booming home-improvement services business, HomeAdvisor is writing its own playbook. As 2016 drew to a close, the Denver-based company, part of IAC, saw its customer base grow 48% to nearly 150,000 service professionals, revenues swell by 39%, and service inquiries grow 27%. Craig Smith, HomeAdvisor's President & COO, talks about the company's vision and success, and how it's been able to successfully navigate a very competitive, yet very large, industry segment.

Millennial Mindset: A Peek into Media's Future

These aren't just any Millennials -- these are the ones who've been thinking deeply about the future of local media, intent on crafting its future instead of letting it happen. Merrill Brown, a media pioneer and director of Montclair State University's School of Communication and Media, will bring five of his brightest students to relate how they see the future. The key question: How they plan to change media business models to meet the needs of the future's most important consumers -- their peers.

How G/O Digital is Bridging the Online-Offline Divide

Launched six years ago by Gannett as a stand-alone digital agency, G/O digital continues to grow revenue at a rapid clip. Now part of Gannett's TV division, TEGNA, G/O offers a one-stop shop of localized marketing solutions to national and local businesses. Tim Fagan, president and CEO, describes how digital services are giving TEGNA's stations a significant leg up in online-offline marketing integration.

Understanding Advertiser Churn: What Causes It, And What's Acceptable?

In the early days of selling Google keywords, typical churn was 60% -- meaning not too many advertisers were pleased with results. As a whole spate of digital services comes into play, reaching smaller advertisers who often have higher demand, churn rates appear to be creeping up again. This session examines the latest research on local advertiser churn, what causes it, and how the types of advertisers, products sold, and rates affect outcome.

The Long-Tail Conundrum: Ride It, or Ignore It?

Facebook may have cracked the "long-tail" code, reaching millions of SMBs that spend billions at a rate of about 20 bucks at a time. Should local media companies shun this potentially lucrative segment? Harvard-educated media executive Lorren Elkins says yes. It takes sizing the opportunity appropriately, understanding what the long-tail is doing, figuring out how to reach them, and understanding the provider ecosystem.


This interactive session will offer key observations from the past two days of LOAC2017, but spend more time compiling an action list for attendees. What's the first thing you'll change when you get back at your desk?


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