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Compass Sales Training

On-Site Sales Training

Our surveys of local advertisers ask, "In an average month, how many times are you contacted by someone trying to sell you some kind of advertising?"

  • For the past two years the answer has ranged between 22 and 26 times per month.
  • Perhaps even more remarkable: They take 6 or 7 of those calls.

Why? Because they are trying to learn what's going on with local advertising, and they are eager to talk to people who can help them figure out their options and modernize their marketing strategy.

  • If you were an advertiser, wouldn't you want to talk with a rep who understands the bigger picture and can help you gain confidence about your marketing purchases?

Our sales training is on-site, hands-on and face-to-face with your sales teams

It is designed to improve their ability to become the trusted marketing consultant that small businesses are desperately seeking.

We can - and do - reinforce the fundamentals of selling for your team. Our key differentiator, though, is the data we weave into our training - data from our Compass Service that

Helps identify the businesses that are most likely to become your clients

Puts your reps among the 6 or 7 that get through to prospects on the phone

Shows your prospects how their peers and competitors are spending their marketing budgets

Makes your selling efforts more efficient

Our sales training sessions are typically two or three days in length and involve a combination of classroom experiences and field visits to current and prospective clients. The specifics of the program are tailored to your needs during the preparation phase of the engagement.

For more information on Borrell's sales training program and to develop a custom curriculum based on market data, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., our Director of Training

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