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After choosing a market you'll be able see an overview of Online Advertising Spending and forecasted growth for that market. You'll also get a glimpse of current year total market advertising, a breakdown of online ad spending by format, as well as national advertising and online ad spending from this market.

Looking For Something With A Bit More Detail?

We have a wide range of data and reports to suit a variety of purposes. We track more than 100 business categories in every U.S. market, by Television Market Area (TMA), CBSA, Digital Marketing Region (DMR), and county definitions. (For a definition of DMR, click here.)

The data on this site is provided by Compass Online: our most powerful application to date. This tool can be used to instantly retrieve data for any market and any business category within that market along with comparative forecasts and backcasts from 2010 to 2020.

The statistical model underlying the advertising numbers in our reports is used by more than 1,000 media companies in North America. It has been under continuous development since 1990 as a basic model for gauging advertising spending in any geographically defined market. The methodology is based on the concept that advertising expenditures are essentially equal to advertising receipts at the national level. The heart of the methodology is the manner in which these totals are allocated among individual counties.

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