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November 17, 2011

Mobile Local Ad $pending Report (LA$R™),


This memo is being made available to my fellow members of the Mobile Marketing and Advertising group on LinkedIn. It’s our Mobile Local Ad $pending Report (LA$R™), which we sell for $1,495. Don’t worry – it’s a freebie to my fellow MM&A lurkers. (You’re welcome.) The report details the numbers and growth forecasts for mobile devices (PDAs, tablets, smart phones, etc.) and provides a granular look at mobile advertising and marketing expenditures. We even track mobile spending by category (SMS, banners, streaming audio, etc.) and by delivery method. Disregard the columns that say “Index to Total U.S.” This is a national report; we also publish this for specific local markets, which is where the index comes in handy. Thought you might appreciate the –Gordon Borrell, CEO.


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