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Assessing Local Digital Sales Forces: 2015 Update

In our fourth (and largest) survey of local ad-sales manager the digital divide is clear – 51% of digital media companies have at least one digital only AE on staff. Companies that employ digital-only sales reps — even one or two — tend to have far more digital revenue than those who don’t. There’s overwhelming evidence that a rep who sells two competing products always winds up favoring one. And that could be bad news in both directions: For a media company focusing its traditional-media reps too much on digital sales ... or vice-versa.

Free for Subscribers | Benchmarking | Interactive Advertising | Online | Sales | 2015 | Industry Paper Archive

Having digital-only sales rep on staff lifts attitudes, increases understanding of digital products and increases digital revenues for traditional media companies. But competition is stiff to hire digital reps: Pureplay companies are offering 50% more base pay than traditional media companies. That’s the conclusion of our latest survey of 220 sales executives at radio, TV, newspaper, yellow pages and pureplay companies. Hiring of digital-only reps is back on the upswing, with 62% of media companies reporting that they have at least one on staff – up from 48% in 2011.

2013 | Online | Interactive Advertising | Free for Subscribers | Benchmarking | Sales | Industry Paper Archive

Annual Analysis: Benchmarking Local Online Media Who's enjoying the biggest share of the $24 billion spent online by local businesses this year? This 50-page annual report includes 37 charts and graphs chronicling what's happening in local media's quest to conquer the digital frontier. It includes details not only revenues but also profitability for more than 6,000 Internet pureplay companies and traditional media digital ventures.

Online | 2013 | Free for Subscribers | Benchmarking | Industry Paper Archive

Local advertising is expected to grow 7.5% this year, but online is stealing the headlines. Our survey of SMBs at year-end 2012 offers a glimpse of what will happen this year in this comprehensive report on local advertising and marketing expenditures. Radio advertising goes down, cinema advertising goes (way) up, and newspapers finally show an uptick.

Interactive Advertising | Online | 2013 | Free for Subscribers

Banner ads and search engine advertising aren’t enough anymore. Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) are snapping up a smorgasboard of services, from basic website hosting to SEO, social media and reputation management. This 17-page report takes a deep dive into the phenomenon of the Internet’s transformation from an advertising medium to an advertising utility.

Online | 2012 | Free for Subscribers | Benchmarking | SMB | Industry Paper Archive

Our 10th annual report documents offers benchmarking detail spanning more than 5,700 local media companies in the U.S. and Canada. Are yellow pages companies making the transition? How are Angie’s List, Groupon, Yelp and Craigslist and independent hyperlocal sites doing in the local online pureplay space? What should you be making in digital revenues if you’re a newspaper, cable system, TV station or radio station? Our 43-page report has it all – including two appendices listing 2011 and 2012 online ad spending for 210 markets.

Interactive Advertising | Online | 2012 | Free for Subscribers | Benchmarking | Industry Paper Archive

This year will be the most expensive campaign year ever, at a whopping $9.8 billion, 40% higher than the last presidential campaign year. While other estimates are much lower, they fail to take into account , but about 13,000 state and local contests that will bring a bonanza of ad revenue for local media companies. Tallying the money spent on online media, direct mail, outdoor, radio and TV, 2012 political contests offer a big shot in the arm to media companies. The 20-page report shows “hotspot” markets across the U.S. and estimates market-by-market advertising levels for 210 localities and for each state.

Online | 2012 | Free for Subscribers | Political | Industry Paper Archive

The rush is on to hire and train great AEs who can drive digital sales. But the big question is, how should they be paid, and how should multimedia sales staffs be organized? This 27-page report sheds light on what’s happening with the army of 81,000 local ad-sales reps in the U.S. as local media companies retool for the digital age. It includes 14 charts detailing the size of the various sales forces across traditional media and pureplay Internet companies, how many are “digital ready,” and their managers’ evaluations on their levels of effectiveness.

Interactive Advertising | Online | 2012 | Free for Subscribers | Sales | Industry Paper Archive

Our latest report, “Budgeting for 2012: Local Online Advertising Forecasts and Key Growth Opportunities,” points to two amazing phenomenon. First, traditional media companies are gaining online share over pureplay Internet companies. And second, in a few short years, the vast majority of what we know as "online" will be served up on mobile devices. We are forecasting 18% growth next year as local online advertising goes from $15.7 billion to $18.5 billion in 2012. This report details the categories and formats pegged for growth, as well as individual market estimates.

Interactive Advertising | Online | 2011 | Free for Subscribers | Budgeting | Industry Paper Archive

Main Street has gone “mobile,” adopting the latest new-media phenomenon at an alarming rate. Research indicates that half of all SMBs are hoping to jump on the mobile marketing bandwagon this year, driving combined spending on mobile advertising and promotions (including the ever-popular “deals”) over $1.2 billion this year. This 26-page report details the burst of interest by local businesses in using mobile devices to lure customers with proximity advertising, coupons and SMS offers. It offers 27 charts that show current and forecast trends for household penetration of mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets) and rich detail on local-business spending on mobile advertising and promotions.

Reports | Mobile | 2011 | Online | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

Our 9th annual, "Benchmarking Local Online Media: 2010 Survey," is out, delivering eye-popping insights on local online media revenues. Sites that focus on a particular category of content have begun to dominate the landscape, and many local operations that are the most successful are generating millions of dollars by selling a myriad of products beyond just banners. This industry paper analyzes revenue from nearly 4,600 local interactive operations and provides appendices listing market-by-market online ad spending by format, including spending on local coupons.

Interactive Advertising | Online | 2011 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Benchmarking | Industry Paper Archive

Everybody’s trying to reach a local audience these days, but our new report finds that hyperlocal might also mean hypersmall. The big attraction to “local” comes from the fact that local websites hold more value because their site visitors make the vast majority household purchases within a few miles of their homes. Our new report digs into a few disturbing aspects of local site traffic, including data that show that the unique visitor-to-actual-people ratio is nearly 4 to 1.

Online | 2010 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

Retail sales will dip this year, but that hasn’t stopped retailers from plowing more money into marketing. Retail ad expenditures are up 9% and their promotions spend is up 16.6%. This 60-page report, "U.S. Retailing: Sales, Marketing and the Move to Online," details game-changing shifts. While traditional advertising is forecast to increase 5% over the next five years, promotions and non-ad marketing will increase at five times that rate. And the biggest gainer of all, of course, will be interactive marketing. The report includes an appendix that details online and offline marketing expenditure trends for 34 individual business categories.

Online | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

Social networks are increasing their ad revenues at a tremendous pace and before long it could take a toll on ad spending at local media Web sites. In this latest paper, we track the advertising and promotion spending for social networking as well the new rules of marketing under this new “anti-mass” media. Included in the paper is the latest local and national ad and promotions spending projections for social networks by DMA.

Online | Social Networking | 2010 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

Mobile marketing is exploding, fueled by an installed consumer base of 234 million cell phone users and the quick uptake of smart phones, now in the hands of nearly one-third of consumers. The implications at the local level are enormous. This report examines mobile marketing, breaking down the difference between mobile advertising and mobile promotions, and examines what appears to be the first “killer app” for mobile: couponing. It is the first – and a scene-setter – in a series of reports we will publish this year on the local mobile marketing phenomenon.

2010 | Mobile | Interactive Advertising | Online | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Promotions | Industry Paper Archive

It’s an “even” year, which means another uptick in political advertising. That’s good news for broadcasters – where most of political advertising winds up – and good news for just about everybody else, too, because of a recent Supreme Court ruling that should open the door to about $400 million more political ad spending this year. A decade-long uptick in political spending has forced a crooked smile on our forecast. It starts at $4.2 billion this year and zig-zags up to $41 billion in the 2012 presidential election year. Online is still barely 1% of all political advertising, just $44 million this year. Our 24-page report includes 12 charts and an appendix estimating political ad spending in each of the 210 DMAs.

2010 | Online | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

Coupon use is up an amazing 36% over last year, but retailers are beginning to increase their use of the Internet as a distribution channel, particularly for higher-priced items. While the Internet still accounts for less than 5% of all coupon redemptions, Internet coupons represent 20% of the value of those redemptions. Our latest research quantifies why so many media companies are redoubling their efforts on launching coupon and shopping Web sites and mobile applications.

Interactive Advertising | Newspapers | Online | 2009 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

It may be a horrible year for advertising overall, but not for local online – and certainly not for some companies seeing double- and even triple-digit growth for local operations. Local online advertising is growing at a 12% clip this year, and we’ve taken a look at 2010 and expect further growth. This report forecasts 2010 local online sales to hit $14.9 billion, or 5% higher than where we’re expecting things to end up this year. While mobile is a hot topic, we’re projecting it to be a relatively small category locally – only $500 million – in 2010.

Interactive Advertising | Online | 2009 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

In our latest research and analysis paper we discover the local search-advertising marketplace may be headed for a shakeout where less-sophisticated affiliates and resellers of search advertising could see their business models collapse and their advertisers flee. Scooping up the business will be savvy affiliates and resellers who are able to optimize SEM performance through software tools and reporting that show actual ROI to advertisers.

Search | 2009 | Online | Free Archives of Older Papers | Industry Paper Archive

The Internet has put another print medium in its crosshairs: direct mail. The popularity of e-mail marketing is set to skyrocket as a result. This report details our forecast for a dramatic 39% drop in direct mail and corresponding rise in e-mail advertising – which was already at $12.1 billion last year. E-mail, in fact, quietly became the No. 1 interactive advertising format last year, surpassing banners and search advertising.

2009 | Online | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

Last year $12.6 billion was spent in online advertising by local advertisers. Sales were dominated by pure-play Internet companies with no ties to legacy media However, for the first time since we began tracking local shares in 2001, pure-play companies lost ground. It’s all outlined here in our 7th annual revenue survey of over 6,000 local Web sites.

Online | 2009 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Benchmarking | Industry Paper Archive

Are small- and medium-sized business owners changing their spending habits? Are they abandoning traditional media for the Internet? Is the recession a tipping point for their ad spend?

Interactive Advertising | Online | 2009 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | SMB | Industry Paper Archive

The oldest newspaper, radio, TV and “city.com” Web sites turned 14 years old this year. In that short time span they have evolved from being interesting experiments to become their parent organizations’ center of attention and financial saviors. Some of them now generate millions in revenue and significant profits, and have high potential for continued growth – begging the question of just how much these local Web sites might be worth.

Online | 2008 | Industry Paper Archive | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers

Local media Web sites are sharing in the $13.1b local online ad revenue pie this year, but Internet pure-plays continue to gobble up the most. While newspaper sites have gone on the attack, we see some dramatic share grabs from other media online.

Online | 2008 | Industry Paper Archive | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Benchmarking

In 2007, businesses spent $806 billion to get the word out about their products, services and companies. Most of it, $483 billion went toward promotions – non-advertising marketing expenses that range from discounts, contests, coupons, rebates and sponsorships to white papers, public relations and viral marketing campaigns.

Online | 2008 | Industry Paper Archive | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers

With a third of the working population reaching retirement age over the next decade we expect a huge demand to fill all types of jobs. Over the next four years, we expect total recruitment spending to increase 25%, from $58 billion in 2008 to $73 billion in 2012. The prime beneficiary will be online media. Online spending will increase 23.5% to a record high of over $11 billion.

Interactive Advertising | Online | 2008 | Industry Paper Archive | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers

Politicians will spend $4.8 billion on political advertising this year, but don't expect much of that to land on the Web. Online media will get about $20 million, most of it going to search.

Online | Industry Paper Archive | 2008 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Political

The growth of online media buying by local businesses -- particularly for paid search, directories and video -- has outstripped our expectations and has driven our estimates significantly higher for 2008.

Online | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

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