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2017 Survey Highlights & 2018 Local Advertising Outlook

What are local advertising doing right now? What will they do in 2018? The summary results from our annual survey of local advertisers -- the largest in the U.S. -- is now available. This 15-page report highlights how they're feeling about radio, TV, newspapapers, outdoor, and all other forms of media.

Benchmarking | Free for Subscribers | 75% Off Papers

Our annual assessment of Real Estate advertising -- an ad category that rivals Automotive in size -- shows a return to healthy growth, up 4.1 percent this year. The most-watched real estate segment, spending by agents and brokers, is up even more. Our 2017 report details the ups and downs, including what's happening with the underpinnings of the industry -- home sales, construction permits, and who's buying homes.

Free for Subscribers | Real Estate | 75% Off Papers

At $37.4 billion this year, Automotive Advertising remains the largest ad segment in the nation. It's up 3.2% this year, but all the growth is coming from local dealers. Our annual report documents trends in ad spending across all tiers of the car-sales chain.

Free for Subscribers | Automotive | 75% Off Papers

Local media’s digital efforts have evolved into a competitive $12 billion industry, representing an 18% share of all locally spent digital advertising. Newspaper, TV, cable, radio, and yellow page companies are driving tens to hundreds of millions of dollars via digital ad sales. For many, it’s one-fourth to one-third of total sales; for some, it’s more than half. This insightful 44-page report is our 15th annual assessment of how large these operations are getting, who’s gaining ground, and who’s losing.

Free for Subscribers | 75% Off Papers

Maybe you haven't heard of script bunnies, pixel stuffing, or domain spoofing, but they -- and dozens of other digital fraud -- are sapping big bucks from local publishers. How big is the problem? This 34-page, one-of-kind report buttons it down, gauging the impact of fraudulent digital advertising in each of more than 500 local U.S. markets.

Free for Subscribers | Reports | Digital Services | 75% Off Papers

Local franchise operations can be perplexing to media companies and ad agencies. Some spend millions on local advertising, while others ride along on national brand campaigns and don't spend a penny locally. This report, based on our survey of 500 franchises, examines what they're spending, where they're spending it, and how that's changing.

Reports | Free for Subscribers | 75% Off Papers

This 23-page report examines who's advertising on Facebook and why. It offers insights from a survey of 4,697 local businesses that are buying Facebook ads, gauges the level of spending market-by-market, and identifies where all the money is coming from.

Social Networking | Free for Subscribers | 75% Off Papers

While it wasn't the bounty many expected, 2016 was still a record year for political advertising. Our 14-page report takes a look at how last year's $9.8 billion was spent, and more importantly what changed. It also addresses the all-important question: Have things changed forever?

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Political | 75% Off Papers

Social Media is transitioning from a "mostly free" to "mostly purchased" marketing tool. Today, 85% of local advertisers have a presence, and the vast majority of them are now buying their way into the social stream with advertisements. This 26-page report profiles who's participating in social media, who's buying, who's suffering, and which platforms are most popular.

2016 | Free for Subscribers | Social Networking | 75% Off Papers

TV advertisers are feeling pretty good about TV these days, but they're also feeling pretty good about digital media -- particular social media. What's about to change with these big spenders? This report lays it out -- from what they plan to cut, what they'll increase, how much they're spending, and how they feel about TV reps.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | 75% Off Papers

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