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Latest Paper to Mention in 2014

2014 Digital Marketing Services Outlook

Companies at the local level have begun spending vast amounts of money on the basic underlying services needed to support their digital marketing. Companies will spend over five times as much on digital marketing services than they will on digital advertising - costing them $501 billion this year.

Free for Subscribers | 2014 | SMB | Digital Services | Industry Paper Archive

This year’s outlook on political advertising finds that more than $8 billion will be spent to influence voters across an estimated 30,000 local, state and national elections. Political advertising continues its growth jag, and the online portion seems poised to skyrocket. Our 16-page annual review includes 9 charts and graphics, plus an appendix of political ad spending by medium from 2005-2013, and forecasts to 2016.

2014 | Political | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

The jobs picture has shifted radically from the time when employers gladly spent money to advertise openings. Our 2014 Recruitment Advertising Outlook details that shift. It lays out a scenario in which companies, while still spending $22 billion on advertising jobs, have begun ramping up their spending on their own advertising channels – like social media pages and their own websites. Online advertising is up nearly 19%, but expenditures on services is doubling.

2014 | Recruitment | Free for Subscribers | Classifieds | Social Networking | Industry Paper Archive

The recession of 2008 initiated a jolt of media disruption that has forced widespread layoffs and even shutdowns. Consumers have cut usage radio, newspapers and magazines and yellow pages by 25% or more while increasing use of digital media by 65%. What’s in store over the next five years? This 41-page report is chock full of trending analysis for each medium. Find out who’s likely to thrives, and who merely survives.

2014 | Legacy Media | Industry Paper Archive

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