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March 26, 2014

2014 Recruitment Advertising Outlook:
The Long, Gray Line


This 44-page report is our annual outlook on one of the largest and most important – and often overlooked – online advertising categories. Last year employers spent $16 billion on advertising and marketing to find candidates for open jobs. The overwhelming majority of it went to online media, making Recruitment, at $19 billion, the largest single online advertising category. It also ranks just ahead of real estate as the ad category where businesses earmark the highest percent of their ad budgets for online media (78%). The report offers 75 charts and graphics detailing trends in the underpinnings of the Recruitment space, job openings and the number of candidates applying. It also dissects the various advertising and marketing expenditures across newspapers, magazines, broadcast media, outdoor and online, and further analyzes the growing amount of spending earmarked for “digital services.” There are three appendices: Appendix A offers analyses and data on how job openings are determined; Appendix B delivers detailed charts on 2013 Recruitment spending; and Appendix C lists 22 individual job categories (Construction Retail, Transportation & Warehousing, Communications, Utilities, etc.) that show the number of business locations, number of employees, number of job openings by category (executive, managerial, sales, etc.), and marketing expenditures for each. A 30-minute recorded webinar (held April 1, 2014) with the report’s author is offered to subscribers and single-copy report purchasers.

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