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Latest Paper to Mention in 2016

The Final Analysis: Political Advertising in 2016

While it wasn't the bounty many expected, 2016 was still a record year for political advertising. Our 14-page report takes a look at how last year's $9.8 billion was spent, and more importantly what changed. It also addresses the all-important question: Have things changed forever?

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Political | Industry Paper Archive

Social Media is transitioning from a "mostly free" to "mostly purchased" marketing tool. Today, 85% of local advertisers have a presence, and the vast majority of them are now buying their way into the social stream with advertisements. This 26-page report profiles who's participating in social media, who's buying, who's suffering, and which platforms are most popular.

2016 | Free for Subscribers | Social Networking | Industry Paper Archive

TV advertisers are feeling pretty good about TV these days, but they're also feeling pretty good about digital media -- particular social media. What's about to change with these big spenders? This report lays it out -- from what they plan to cut, what they'll increase, how much they're spending, and how they feel about TV reps.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Industry Paper Archive

At $26.8 billion, Real Estate is one of the largest local advertising categories. And it's the first (and only category thus far) to see a scale-back of digital advertising. Our annual report details what's happening across all four categories - agents/brokers, rental managers, mortgage providers, and developers.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Real Estate | Industry Paper Archive

For our monthly panel of local business managers, we asked several questions about the Presidential candidates. Who would be best for small businesses? Will the election outcome have a bearing on small businesses? Will your advertising and marketing budgets be impacted? The results might surprise you... then again, they may not. This 5-page report is being made available exclusively to subscribers.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Political | SMB | Industry Paper Archive

New vehicle sales are slowing and the ad spending is changing. The auto industry is a leader in digital marketing and that trend will continue. And why not? 3 out of the 5 top sources for leads are digital in nature, according to local auto dealers. As the focus on digital continues, the auto industry is beginning cull the weakest media from their budgets and keeping those that complement their digital initiatives best. If a traditional media company chose to focus on digital, that bet could soon pay off.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Automotive | Classifieds | Industry Paper Archive

What a great time to be in the Outdoor Advertising industry. Unlike its legacy-media brethren, outdoor remains insulated from digital disruption -- in fact, it's been bolstered by it. Outdoor advertising has grown 77% over the past half-dozen years, with no end in sight to the good times. This comprehensive 25-page report examines a fascinating, growing $7.5 billion category that includes billboards, transit signs, and a plethora of ads in sports arenas, shopping malls, gas pumps, and even bathrooms.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Industry Paper Archive

Businesses have spent the past decade staking their digital claims and are now entering a new marketing phase: building the equivalent of SIMs villages. They're slowing down expenditures on things such as hosting, site design, and ad-management fees and have begun plowing billions into SEO, mobile media, and social media management. This 42-page report includes spending forecasts to 2020. It is the deepest dive you'll find anywhere on Digital Marketing Services (DMS) -- a category so big that it's spawned a cottage industry of 248,100 service businesses across the U.S.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Digital Services | Industry Paper Archive

Thanks in part to Donald Trump, media will enjoy an extra $357 million in political advertising this year beyond our initial estimates. Based on the first three months of 2016, we're adding 3.1% to our estimates, figuring that a record $11.7 billion will be spent on political advertising this year. This 21-page report recasts our 2016 Political Advertising estimates and shows which types of media -- and which states -- stand to benefit the most.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Political | Industry Paper Archive

In every local market, dozens of companies are pressing SMBs to buy digital advertising. Some are making tens of thousands of dollars, some tens of millions. This 45-page report analyzes 2015 revenue performance from more than 10,000 local operations run by newspapers, radio, TV, yellow pages, cable systems and Internet pureplay companies.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Benchmarking | Industry Paper Archive

How much are SMBs spending on digital marketing services? Why are so many media companies chasing this business? Is there any profit in it? Which categories are hot sellers? This report answers those questions and more

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Digital Services | Industry Paper Archive

This 24-page report details our forecast for changes in local advertising for 2016. We foresee a 16.4% increase in local advertising – something others aren’t predicting – based on significant budget increases coming for digital advertising and political advertising. Newspapers, direct mail, directories and radio are all in for declines this year, while local magazines, cable, TV and online are on the rise. Digital advertising is forecast to grow at another raging two-digit rate – 36.4%. For the first time, digital media will account for half of all locally spent advertising, forming an X as it heads toward what we believe will be a two-thirds share before it levels off in 2019. The report includes seven charts and graphs, plus an appendix of digital ad-spending estimates by format (banners, email, video, etc.) for each of the 513 U.S. Digital Marketing Regions (DMRs).

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Industry Paper Archive

Will 7-day-a-week newspapers disappear? Are media-born digital ad agencies a fad? The panel issued its clearest predictions on these questions and eight more in 2015, and we highlight them – with predictions on when events might come to pass – in this insightful 18-page report.

2016 | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

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