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January 14, 2016

2016 Local Advertising Insights -
Outlook for Print, Broadcast, Digital & Outdoor


< This 24-page report details our forecast for changes in local advertising for 2016. We foresee a 16.4% increase in local advertising – something others aren’t predicting – based on significant budget increases coming for digital advertising and political advertising. Newspapers, direct mail, directories and radio are all in for declines this year, while local magazines, cable, TV and online are on the rise. Digital advertising is forecast to grow at another raging two-digit rate – 36.4%. For the first time, digital media will account for half of all locally spent advertising, forming an X as it heads toward what we believe will be a two-thirds share before it levels off in 2019. The report includes seven charts and graphs, plus an appendix of digital ad-spending estimates by format (banners, email, video, etc.) for each of the 513 U.S. Digital Marketing Regions (DMRs).

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