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November 16, 2016

2016 What Local Broadcast TV Advertisers Are Planning


Businesses that buy local TV commercials are the biggest on the block, spending three times more on advertising than the typical local business. And, they're being heavily targeted as a result, getting an average of 40 sales calls per month by reps, 66% more than the average SMB.  This report includes a 23-page summary with 23 charts and tables in PDF format, plus the full results in Excel format of our 44-question survey of 1,589 buyers of local TV advertising. The Excel data includes 14 worksheets with more than 100 tables and charts. The report offers a profile of today's TV buyers, what else they're buying, how that's changing, what they believe drives leads best, how they feel about TV sales reps, and a lot of detail on their digital initiatives.  The report is free to Borrell subscribers, and $995 for non-subscribers.  A free executive summary is available for download.

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