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Fall Update: 2018 Political Advertising Set to Break Records

This is our third and final forecast for 2018 as we head into the post-Labor Day advertising frenzy. We've added $100 million to our latest forecast, putting the 2018 total at $8.9 billion. There's more flowing to local races, thanks to bountiful PAC money. All types of media stand to benefit, especially broadcast TV.

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This 18-page report gets into the minds of local ad agencies and delivers fresh insights into what they're recommending for clients, and why. We asked about video, social media, types of media used, effectiveness and ROI of that media, and what's best for branding, selling, and ROI.

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This 18-page report includes 17 charts and graphics from the survey results we collected from April through the end of June 2018. They represent a fascinating story that shows how, suddenly, hardly any SMBs are buying digital by itself or traditional media advertising by itself.

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We devoted our monthly SMB panel questionnaire in March 2018 to one of the most powerful forms of marketing: Email. The 10-page summary offers insights on how they're using email, how many addresses they have, how long it takes to craft emails, and how email rates against other forms of direct marketing.

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This year's political advertising bounty just got bigger. Our latest forecast for 2018 political advertising compiled after seeing the results in a few early primaries and one special election, adds more than $300 million to the total. We've also re-forecast spending across the various media channels. READ MORE

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This 19-page report offers insights from our monthly panel of more than 1,000 local advertisers. We asked them for predictions in December 2017, then re-polled them in January 2018 on a hand-picked list of the ones we found most interesting. The result is a unique glimpse of how SMBs felt about 2017 and how optimistic they are about this year.

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This 16-page reports offers unique insights gleaned from 1,640 local businesses we surveyed in 2017. It examines the spending habits of these advertisers, what else they're buying, how they measure Direct Mail campaign results, and what types of digital media they're utilizing.

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The 2018 midterm elections are already in warm-up mode with nearly 2,000 candidates registered for 33 U.S. Senate seats. Add to that the thousands of House seats, gubernatorial and other statewide positions, and local judiciary, School Board, and municipal seats and ballot issues, and you get an advertising bonanza that's likely to total $8.5 billion, up 2.5% from the last midterm election year in 2014.

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Given the deep fragmentation of today's media, the real-life/in-the-flesh experience of Event Marketing seems to have become all the rage. Our latest survey shows that 97% of all businesses engage in some type of event, and that more than half are either sponsoring an event or advertising during one

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Local ad agencies are very influential, especially with the bigger advertisers. So what are they buying these days, and how do they feel about the rise of social media? This report summarizes findings from our survey of 666 local agencies and comes with an Excel file containing the full results.

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What are local advertising doing right now? What will they do in 2018? The summary results from our annual survey of local advertisers -- the largest in the U.S. -- is now available. This 15-page report highlights how they're feeling about radio, TV, newspapapers, outdoor, and all other forms of media.

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Our annual assessment of Real Estate advertising -- an ad category that rivals Automotive in size -- shows a return to healthy growth, up 4.1 percent this year. The most-watched real estate segment, spending by agents and brokers, is up even more. Our 2017 report details the ups and downs, including what's happening with the underpinnings of the industry -- home sales, construction permits, and who's buying homes.

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