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July 30, 2013

2013 Automotive Advertising Outlook -
Jul '13


With car sales up 8% this year, auto manufacturers and dealers are forecast to spend $32.8 billion on advertising, 2% more than last year. The big beneficiaries: Online media, where spending is trending 18.7% higher, and Direct Mail, up 22.9% as manufacturers work harder to drive leads to dealers. For the first time, new and used-car dealers will spend more on online media than on all other media combined – including TV. This 26-page report includes 21 charts and tables, including a page of conclusions and recommendations. A five-page appendix details ad spending by size of dealership, with breakouts for co-op advertising expenditures, and detail on retail and wholesale used-car transactions. Chapter 1 offers an infographic showing how digital media has compressed the longstanding car-buying funnel into a shot glass, where consumers spend half as much time looking for a car as they did five years ago, and spend almost all of that time in social and other digital media.

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Join us as we dive into the most recent industry paper, 2013 Automotive Advertising Outlook: Watch the Road Signs. The car buying funnel is no more. Gain insights into the new era of how car buying occurs and what that means for media companies. Streaming Webinar Recording.


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