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September 9, 2011

Borrell Associates -
Presslaff Interactive Deals and Coupons Survey - Sep '11


Embarking on the most comprehensive survey to date on coupons and deals programs, Borrell Associates and Presslaff Interactive worked through 125 media companies to reach down into local markets to gauge on consumer and advertiser opinions. The surveys were conducted between Aug. 1 and Sept. 9, 2011, and garnered 39,040 responses from consumers and 729 from local advertisers across 114 U.S. markets.

In short, consumers LOVE coupons and deals, and advertisers are getting new customers from them.  Consumers' largest source of coupons is still newspapers, but email is not far behind.  Store circulars and regular mail are also significant sources of coupons.  When it comes to the popular "deals" programs, 91% said they want more and 74% said they had signed up for three or more programs. Advertisers are seeing a benefit in deals programs.  On average, 45% of the redemptions are from "new" customers. More than 80% of the businesses surveyed said they had not yet participated in a deals program. Only 20% said they're not satisfied with the programs being offered by local media companies in their markets, while more than 30% said they were dissatisfied with Groupon.

There are two ways to access the results:  Watch the 60-minute, streaming video of the Webinar and/or get the full research document. The Webinar offers a detailed set of slides featuring the survey's findings, as well as discussion by top analysts from Borrell Associates and Presslaff Interactive. The research document itself features the full set of findings in the form of more than 40 charts and graphics detailing both the advertiser and consumer results.

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