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Our Annual Report: Benchmarking Local Media's Digital Revenues

The meteoric rise of digital advertising over the past five years has forged a new reality for local media companies. Instead of competing, most are now embracing it, driving more than $10 billion in ad sales in 2018. Our comprehensive report includes data that helps companies quantify how well (or poorly) they're doing compared with peers.

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This is our annual outlook for one of the largest advertising segments, the $30 billion real estate industry. After mild growth of about 4% in 2018, we're forecasting a more tepid 2019 with growth under 1%. The housing market has changed considerably since the Great Recession, and so has the way advertisers spend their money. By 2024, $3 out of every $4 spent on marketing will go to digital channels, led by social media. MORE

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What are the biggest local advertisers planning? This insightful report details what they're buying and how that's changing, as well as insights into the types of marketing technology they utilize and what they're doing with video marketing. The conclusions lead to trouble ahead for those who've come to rely on these big guys. Read more.

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Big changes are on the horizon for local ad spending. We've been monitoring a booming economy, the exit of bellweather retailers, the expansion of cheaper DIY social media, and other dynamic factors. Subscriber Only.

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There was a lot of negative press about Facebook in 2018, so we wondered how local advertisers might be reacting. This 17-page report takes their pulse on how effective Facebook marketing, how that's changed, what they're spending, what they're accomplishing, and who's handling their posts. The findings come from a survey of our SMB panel that we conducted in late September. It includes more than a dozen charts and dozens of comments directly from survey participants. The report is available exclusively to subscribers.

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Our annual Automotive Advertising Outlook is here, and the numbers paint a picture that makes pre-recession times look like the industry's heyday. U.S. Auto Advertising is on track to fall 7.3% this year, to $34.4 billion. Local TV seems to be bearing the brunt of the cuts, as new-car sales decline used-car sales go flat, and manufacturers and dealers try new things. But all types of media are feeling the pain.

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This 15-page report delivers unique insights on how local businesses are spending their marketing dollars. The average SMB is now using eight different types of marketing -- up from 5 just a few years ago. You'll learn what's changing, what's staying the same, and why their cutting or expanding certain types of media budgets.

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This is our third and final forecast for 2018 as we head into the post-Labor Day advertising frenzy. We've added $100 million to our latest forecast, putting the 2018 total at $8.9 billion. There's more flowing to local races, thanks to bountiful PAC money. All types of media stand to benefit, especially broadcast TV.

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This 18-page report gets into the minds of local ad agencies and delivers fresh insights into what they're recommending for clients, and why. We asked about video, social media, types of media used, effectiveness and ROI of that media, and what's best for branding, selling, and ROI.

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This 18-page report includes 17 charts and graphics from the survey results we collected from April through the end of June 2018. They represent a fascinating story that shows how, suddenly, hardly any SMBs are buying digital by itself or traditional media advertising by itself.

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We devoted our monthly SMB panel questionnaire in March 2018 to one of the most powerful forms of marketing: Email. The 10-page summary offers insights on how they're using email, how many addresses they have, how long it takes to craft emails, and how email rates against other forms of direct marketing.

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This year's political advertising bounty just got bigger. Our latest forecast for 2018 political advertising compiled after seeing the results in a few early primaries and one special election, adds more than $300 million to the total. We've also re-forecast spending across the various media channels. READ MORE

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