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July 27, 2016

2016 Automotive Outlook -
The Thinning of the Media Pack


Our 42-page report on the current state of Automotive Advertising contains not only 28 charts and graphics but also a market-by-market analysis of total local auto dealer spend and a complete U.S. level LA$R (Local Ad Spend Report.) The auto industry came back from the Great Recession with a vengeance as new car sales climbed to the highest levels seen this century. Alas, nothing goes up forever. New car sales are beginning to slow, dealerships are consolidating, and used vehicles are becoming very viable options for people who initially intended on a new vehicle purchase. On top of all that, per-vehicle ad spending is slipping while dealers continue their love affair with digital media. This report looks into all of these factors and provides estimates for ad spending by franchised dealers, independent dealers, manufacturers, dealer associations, and independent sellers. New this year, Chapter 3 looks at auto dealer specific feedback to a local marketing survey conducted this year.

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