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May 29, 2013

2013 Update:
Assessing Local Digital Sales Forces - May '13


This 26-page report includes 13 charts and graphs from our April-May 2013 survey of 220 sales managers.  It details the results of their responses to questions regarding how many online-only staffers they employ, how much they’re paid and how much revenue they generate.  The survey also asks questions about sales staff’s overall understanding of digital products, of advertisers’ needs, and of the staff’s ability to engage in consultative sales.  Results are cross-tabbed against those who report having digital-only reps compared with staffs who don’t employ such reps.  This is our third time surveying sales managers.  Included are three appendices that list more than 250 responses to open-ended questions regarding commission structures, differences between compensation of traditional media sales and digital sales, and recommendations on how comp plans might be changed.  It’s a wealth of information for anyone attempting to manage digital sales forces.

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