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September 16, 2010

Mobile Applications:
Preparing for the App-ocalypse - Sep '10


Mobile apps are all the rage. More than a half-million apps are downloaded every single hour, and the average smartphone user has 22. But the future is cloudy for those trying to tackle the mobile universe via an app. Research shows that after six months, only one of those original 22 apps is still in use. On top of that, a debate is raging as to whether apps will survive a more sophisticated mobile browser fueled by HTML5.  This 28-page report maps the landscape and offers 14 charts and graphics illustrating what's happening -- and what's likely to happen over the next five years -- as the media world becomes increasingly mobile. "Mobile Applications: Preparing for the App-ocalypse" also offers 14 pages of data detailing mobile advertising estimates, mobile promotions spending estimates, forecasts, and mobile spending by format (text, app, browser, email, etc.).

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Borrell Associates forecasts that U.S. spending for ads delivered by mobile apps will explode from $305 million this year to $685 million next year and more than $8 billion by 2015 – with $1.2 billion of that coming from local advertisers. Join us for an hour discussion of the position apps are forecasted hold in the marketplace and how that compares to other forms of mobile advertising. In this Webinar, we will focus on the local mobile opportunity and share some examples of apps that are making money with local content and local advertising. Thu, Sep 23, 2010 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT


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