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What's On Sale?: Coupons and Sales Circulars Move Online - Dec '09

Coupon use is up an amazing 36% over last year, but retailers are beginning to increase their use of the Internet as a distribution channel, particularly for higher-priced items. While the Internet still accounts for less than 5% of all coupon redemptions, Internet coupons represent 20% of the value of those redemptions. Our latest research quantifies why so many media companies are redoubling their efforts on launching coupon and shopping Web sites and mobile applications.

Interactive Advertising | Newspapers | Online | 2009 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

While everyone’s been writing the obituary for the newspaper industry, our numbers are showing something entirely different. We’re expecting U.S. newspapers to see a decline in 2009, then a mild rebound over the next five years. Our latest projections call for a 2.4% increase in newspaper advertising in 2010, and low single-digit increases for several more years. Download our free memo describing our projections. We also offer a market-by-market estimate for newspaper spending in 2009 and 2014 for $295.

Newspapers | 2009 | Research Memos | Free Archives of Older Papers | Industry Paper Archive

The 2008 World Association of Newspapers revenue benchmarking survey includes data from newspapers in all major regions of the globe. It covers print and online revenues, the key verticals, and trends over the past three years. This unique resource is a special benefit provided to our subscribers. It is for internal use only and is not to be circulated outside your organization.

Newspapers | Industry Paper Archive | 2008 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers

Real estate advertising retrenched in 2007. While this $11 billion advertising category shows signs of contraction, the interesting story is what’s happening to the internal components. Our report assesses both current trends and future patterns of how agents and brokers will spend on traditional advertising, as well as what they’re investing in their own Web sites right now.

Industry Paper Archive | Newspapers | 2007 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers

Six years ago publishers were willing to accept the proposition that “information wants to be free.” Today, fueled by the dot-bomb debacle and new guidelines from the Audit Bureau of Circulations, publishers appear more eager to embrace the notion that “information providers want to be paid.” This turnaround threatens to dilute the accomplishments of a remarkable period when a $60 billion, 395-year-old industry reared up on its hind legs and began to achieve the unthinkable: It recognized a disruptive technology early, accepted an unconventional business model, and seized a market position.

Newspapers | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

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