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April 6, 2009

Main Street Goes Interactive:
How Small Businesses Are Spending Their Online Dollars - Mar '09


Are small- and medium-sized business owners changing their spending habits? Are they abandoning traditional media for the Internet? Is the recession a tipping point for their ad spend?

We take a detailed look at 14.6 million small and medium businesses that are responsible for more than half of all interactive spending and give you the latest insight into these questions and more.

Last year SMBs spent $6.7 billion on online advertising and are poised to spend even more in 2009. In addition, we expect them to triple their annual spending in the next few years on their own Web sites -- something that doesn't count as "advertising" at all, though the SMBs see it as such.

The concept of saving Main Street is not only in vogue, but is also turning out to be a noble cause for local agencies and media companies trying to help their customers -- and themselves -- survive a brutal economy.

This report is designed to provide detailed insights into understanding what SMBs and doing, and what they need.

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