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This year's political advertising bounty just got bigger. Our latest forecast for 2018 political advertising compiled after seeing the results in a few early primaries and one special election, adds more than $300 million to the total. We've also re-forecast spending across the various media channels. READ MORE

Free for Subscribers | Political | Industry Paper Archive

The 2018 midterm elections are already in warm-up mode with nearly 2,000 candidates registered for 33 U.S. Senate seats. Add to that the thousands of House seats, gubernatorial and other statewide positions, and local judiciary, School Board, and municipal seats and ballot issues, and you get an advertising bonanza that's likely to total $8.5 billion, up 2.5% from the last midterm election year in 2014.

Free for Subscribers | Political | Industry Paper Archive

While it wasn't the bounty many expected, 2016 was still a record year for political advertising. Our 14-page report takes a look at how last year's $9.8 billion was spent, and more importantly what changed. It also addresses the all-important question: Have things changed forever?

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Political | Industry Paper Archive

For our monthly panel of local business managers, we asked several questions about the Presidential candidates. Who would be best for small businesses? Will the election outcome have a bearing on small businesses? Will your advertising and marketing budgets be impacted? The results might surprise you... then again, they may not. This 5-page report is being made available exclusively to subscribers.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Political | SMB | Industry Paper Archive

Thanks in part to Donald Trump, media will enjoy an extra $357 million in political advertising this year beyond our initial estimates. Based on the first three months of 2016, we're adding 3.1% to our estimates, figuring that a record $11.7 billion will be spent on political advertising this year. This 21-page report recasts our 2016 Political Advertising estimates and shows which types of media -- and which states -- stand to benefit the most.

Free for Subscribers | 2016 | Political | Industry Paper Archive

As the money-laden Presidential Election cycle begins its slow climb toward its peak − with all media on board for the ride − the upcoming twists, turns and inverted loops of 2016 are sure to thrill. Political advertising is forecast to hit a record $11.4 billion in 2016, 20% more than the last comparable Presidential Election year of 2012. But, that’s just part of the story. In reality, the games have already begun. Adding what will be spent on next year’s contests in 2015, political advertising still holds a whopping $16.5 billion. Our 27 page report includes 20 charts and graphics, plus an appendix of 2016 political ad spending forecasts by contest for each state and political ad spending by medium from 2013-2016.

2015 | Political | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

This year’s outlook on political advertising finds that more than $8 billion will be spent to influence voters across an estimated 30,000 local, state and national elections. Political advertising continues its growth jag, and the online portion seems poised to skyrocket. Our 16-page annual review includes 9 charts and graphics, plus an appendix of political ad spending by medium from 2005-2013, and forecasts to 2016.

2014 | Political | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

This year will be the most expensive campaign year ever, at a whopping $9.8 billion, 40% higher than the last presidential campaign year. While other estimates are much lower, they fail to take into account , but about 13,000 state and local contests that will bring a bonanza of ad revenue for local media companies. Tallying the money spent on online media, direct mail, outdoor, radio and TV, 2012 political contests offer a big shot in the arm to media companies. The 20-page report shows “hotspot” markets across the U.S. and estimates market-by-market advertising levels for 210 localities and for each state.

Online | 2012 | Free for Subscribers | Political | Industry Paper Archive

Politicians will spend $4.8 billion on political advertising this year, but don't expect much of that to land on the Web. Online media will get about $20 million, most of it going to search.

Online | Industry Paper Archive | 2008 | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Political

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