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July 18, 2019



Every month we ask our panel of local marketers a series questions on a particular topic. The results yield insights that help us better understand the state of local marketing and advertising.  While the results are meant for internal usage, we do compile the results for panelists. And, occasionally, we release some of those reports to Borrell subscribers.  Subscribers, please login to download files.

Below are three of those panel reports from February, March, and May that we are making available to subscribers.  Keep in mind that they are written specifically for the panelists: direct ad-buyers and agencies. 

How SMBs Manage Digital Marketing Services (February 2019; 196 Responses) We asked advertisers how they manage email, social media, online review sites, SEO, and digital analytics.  Most are managing these services internally (Do-It-Yourself).  The main reason they haven’t farmed out digital services:  they haven’t had the budget, they’re not sure what they need, or they have no time to investigate.  Only 6% said they didn’t think it would provide a measurable impact. .

How SMBs Manage Creative Marketing Services (March 2019; 119 Responses)  We asked advertisers how they manage website and online graphics design, video and audio production, and digital content creation.  Only website & graphic design had high instances of being farmed out, while content creation and video production were far more likely to be handled in-house.  Freelancers – not sophisticated services companies – are the most prevalent source of hired help. 

SMB Trivia Challenge (May 2019; 139 Responses)  As advertisers take on more and more tasks themselves, we wanted to know just how much marketing knowledge they’ve been accumulating. Turns out, not much.  Only on respondent got all 10 questions right.  The average participant got half of the answers wrong.  Almost everyone knew what hulu and Sling were, but less than half didn’t know what OTT stood for. Reminder: Subscribers must log in to download files.

To learn more about our panels or to suggest a topic, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us at 1-757-221-6641.

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