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2014 Recruitment Advertising Outlook: The Long, Gray Line

The jobs picture has shifted radically from the time when employers gladly spent money to advertise openings. Our 2014 Recruitment Advertising Outlook details that shift. It lays out a scenario in which companies, while still spending $22 billion on advertising jobs, have begun ramping up their spending on their own advertising channels – like social media pages and their own websites. Online advertising is up nearly 19%, but expenditures on services is doubling.

2014 | Recruitment | Free for Subscribers | Classifieds | Social Networking | Industry Paper Archive

There’s big change in the air for online recruitment advertising – a category that saw consistent double-digit growth for the past 15 years. With the economy still struggling against a straightjacket, there just aren’t that many jobs to advertise. And with so many candidates out there, recruiters barely need to advertise anyway. Basic media spending on recruitment advertising flattened out last year at $9.4 billion. We’re expecting that to fall 5.3 percent, to $8.9 billion this year. This 42-page annual report examines the recruitment landscape and offers deep detail on jobs and ad spending.

Recruitment | 2012 | Free for Subscribers | Classifieds | Industry Paper Archive

Despite the dearth of available jobs, recruitment marketing continues to grow – up an estimated 5.8% this year for all marketing expenditures and up 18.6% for online advertising. More than any other advertising category, recruitment has undergone the greatest transformation. Human resources professionals last year spent 57% of their advertising budgets on online media, principally to buy job postings or to access resume databases. That’s the largest share devoted to online for any advertising category. This report, “2011 Online Recruitment Marketing Outlook: Are the Jobs Ever Coming Back?,” represents our annual analysis of this important segment.

2011 | Classifieds | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Recruitment | Social Networking | Industry Paper Archive

Our latest report details the decline in online recruitment advertising this year, but we forecast a 20% increase for 2010. This report, "Recruitment Advertising Outlook 2010: A Jobless Recovery," comes with an Appendix that details local online ad spending projections by online ad formats (display, paid search, e-mail and video) in over 900 local markets.

2009 | Classifieds | Recruitment | Free Archives of Older Papers | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

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