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Borrell Advertiser, Audience and Site Visitor Surveys

What key constituents in your market are thinking and doing

Borrell surveys provide direct, up-to-the-minute visibility into the behaviors and plans of your local advertisers, consumers and website visitors. Insights from respondents guide your marketing strategy and give advertisers another reason to make you their trusted marketing consultant.

Borrell offers a series of ongoing surveys that you can join at any time, and we can conduct customized surveys when you need a special perspective.

There are two unique aspects to all of Borrell's ongoing local-advertiser surveys:

  1. You don't share your email lists with us. We give you a link to our online survey with a suggested cover email and you email the link to your contacts. If you have a local partner participating in the survey with you, such as another media property or a Chamber of Commerce, they don't share their lists with either of us.
  2. We can benchmark results from your respondents against the results of our ongoing national pool of respondents. If you have a local partner in the project, their results can be broken out separately too.

SMB Marketing Survey

Reveals current and planned use of each traditional and digital marketing channel, including legacy advertising media, social media and mobile marketing. More than 45,000 advertisers have participated in this survey.

Vertical Markets

Vertical Markets

These surveys are focused on the marketing efforts of businesses in specific market segments (Automotive, Real Estate, Furniture, Plumbing, etc.) and are designed to be deployed by large media properties and regional, state and national industry associations. The address many of the topics included in our other ongoing surveys, as well as vertical-specific question sets.

For further information on any Borrell survey, please contact

Greg Harmon
Senior Research Analyst

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