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The Local Advertiser Survey

Local Advertiser Survey - Example Tabs

General Business Profile

Determine the overall types of businesses that participated; how long they’ve been in business, how many employees they have, annual gross revenue, etc.

Industry Detail

The top industries to target based on the respondents. Do auto dealers, educational services or retail trade make the list?

Digital Assets

Learn what features respondent sites have and if they’re planning to make a major change to it in the next year.

Media Interactions

How often and by what format are businesses contacted for advertising? Discover how they prefer to buy advertising.

Lead Source

What are the best lead sources for businesses?

Media Spending 2015

How much and where did businesses spend their advertising dollars in 2015?

Digital Spending 2015

Where do advertisers invest their online dollars? Are they utilizing mobile at all?

2016 Planned Spending

How are advertisers planning to change their advertising this year? Where are they increasing or decreasing their spending?

2016 Planned Digital Spending

Where are businesses planning to spend their online ad dollars?

Digital Services

What types of digital advertising do businesses use? Where are the best opportunities for digital services?

Traditional Media Perception

What do advertisers think of the digital savviness of traditional media companies?


What kind of promotions do advertisers utilize?

Social Media

Find out where advertisers spend money on social media and how satisfied they are with the different platforms.

Interested in the Survey?

Access overviews of what we found, view explanations of how we conduct the survey and who participates, and purchase the full survey results or crosstabs...

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