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A LA$R (Local Ad Spend Report) identifies specific business categories in a chosen market that are most likely to produce online ad sales. They detail the revenue opportunities and give managers a foundation for making consultative sales presentations to prospects in those categories. The ad spend figures can be used to budget sales and estimate ROI for your online operations.

Conversely, the report also presents the amounts that each advertising medium receives from each of the business categories, with a summary of their relative shares of total ad spending. Both views give separate estimates of spending by advertisers located inside and those located outside the market.

A LA$R report also includes promotional marketing data (non-advertising expenditures) such as spending on trade shows, ad production, public relations, market research and sales force materials. Quarterly updates are available for a LA$R report. A market sample of a LA$R is available in a downloadable Zip file, which contains:

  • Table 1: Basic report showing ad spending and non-ad spending in the market
  • Table 2 and Table 3: Interactive spreadsheets demonstrate the ad spending by a business category across each media category
  • Media Profile: Report detailing the media usage in the market
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