LOAC2015 Agenda

Sunday, March 1st

  • 6:00PM
    Cocktail Reception

Monday, March 2nd

  • 7:30AM
    Sponsored by ReachLocal
  • 8:30AM
    Welcome & Opening Remarks
  • 8:45AM
    Scene Setter: Local Advertising Forecast
    The digital future has arrived. Setting the scene for two days of information-packed sessions, Gordon Borrell lays out the dramatic change in local advertising that has already occurred, what's likely to occur this year, and the actionable takeaways attendees should expect from LOAC2015.
    with Gordon Borrell from Borrell Associates
  • 9:00AM
    An Investor's View of Local Digital Ventures
    Will traditional media's investments in digital pay off? When? And what does the successful, high-value media company of the future look like? Investment banker Jim Dolan, who's bought or sold more than 300 media companies, offers his assessment of how such investments affect the enterprise value of the entire company.
    with James Dolan from Cherry Tree Companies, LLC
  • 9:30AM
    Passing the 'Transformation' Litmus Test
    After all the investment that media companies have plowed into innovation over the past decade, has their truly been any measurable transformation? Real transformation boils down to whether a company meets four simple criteria. If not, it hasn't transformed. Harvard professor-turned media CEO Clark Gilbert lays out the four direct and unambiguous criteria, drawing on his own experience at Deseret Media as well as models emerging at Forbes, the Atlantic, and Schibsted Media Group. If you are committed to more than just "innovation" and are truly looking at the criteria for transformation, don't miss this session.
    with Clark Gilbert from Deseret News Publishing Company
  • 10:00AM
    The Future of Advertising
    The Golden Age of Advertising may be ending, but those who understand the re-formed business model could very well be participants in its successor, the Platinum Age of Marketing. Simulmedia founder and CEO Dave Morgan offers a glimpse at what will unfold over the next three years as massive sets of credit card, shopper card and online purchase data will be merged with ad campaigns. The result: Advertisers will know what works, and what doesn't, which will lead to wrenching changes for all types of media.
    with Dave Morgan from Simulmedia
  • 10:30AM
    Sponsored by Gamut
  • 11:00AM
    GeoMarketing's Promise: A Marketing Revolution
    If you think geomarketing is already here, you're only half right. Emerging technology will soon enable every home, store and location to be as "smart" as the three billion smart phones out there. Smart locations mean marketers have a revolutionary opportunity to connect to customers. Entrepreneur and marketing visionary Howard Lerman offers a fascinating view of how geomarketing opportunities will unfold in the coming years. Lerman is the co-founder and CEO of Yext, which was named one of Forbes' "Most Promising Companies of 2014."
    with Howard Lerman from Yext
  • 11:30AM
    Buzz Session: Rapid-Fire Killer Ideas
    Always a conference favorite, this session runs rapid-fire through 10 best-practice case studies on how to generate digital revenue. Each presentation is 4 minutes, boiled down to just the essentials. You'll be taking a lot of notes, so come with a sharp pencil or limber fingers.
    with SimpliFi, Cross Post, Local Market Launch, Mixpo, Brandforge, Tapclicks, After College, Wave2Media, Real Match, WideOrbit, LocalBlox
  • 12:30PM
    Networking Lunch
    Sponsored by Vendasta
  • 1:30PM
    Dessert With Exhibitors
  • 2:00PM
    Track 1: Management
    • 2:00PM
      Programmatic & Ad Inventory Management Overview
      With the proliferation of big data and ad networks, applying a little science to inventory management can yield big bucks. Gene Pizzolato, president & general manager of Gamut, opens two sessions on programmatic advertising and inventory management with an look at what's happening today, and where the industry is headed.
      with Gene Pizzolato from Gamut
    • 2:15PM
      Dealing (Effectively) with the Programmatic Monster
      Like it or not, programmatic advertising is here to stay. This panel taps three of the nation's leading local ad inventory managers to deliver the nuts and bolts on dealing with programmatic networks. You'll hear about advertising acceptance/rejection policies, pricing, and how to maximize revenues.
      with Tobias Bennett from The McClatchy Co., William Ammerman from Tribune Media, Jon Sumber from Hearst Television
    • 3:00PM
      Best Practices in Audience Extension & Retargeting
      Selling extended-reach or retargeting programs has reached a frenzy. But how do you integrate inventory server-to-server and how can you ensure your inventory is served first? This panel features three companies we've identified as the best in terms of strategy and revenue performance.
      with Robert Formentin from Collective, Edwin Ruis from Swift Communications, Lorren Elkins from Granite Broadcasting Corporation
    • 3:45PM
      The New Automotive Marketing Landscape
      At $35 billion, automotive advertising is the second-largest ad category, behind general merchandise stores. With auto dealers spending half their budgets on online media, there's been a mad rush to serve their digital needs. It's a very (very) crowded marketplace, however. One of the leading authorities on automotive marketing, Haystak founder Duncan Scarry, describes how a "ridiculously competitive" market is leading to great opportunities for companies with the right approach. The future belongs to those who can morph from monolithic offerings to multichannel ones, he says.
      with Duncan Scarry from Haystak Digital Marketing
  • 3:30PM
    Track 2: Selling
    • 2:00PM
      Innovation Overview: Who's Best in Native Advertising and Digital Services?
      Setting the scene for Track 2, Nancy Lane of the Local Media Association offers a quick view of the more dynamic findings from the group's ongoing Innovation Missions. Who are the most impressive companies when it comes to innovative sales approaches? Who's best in Native Advertising? Who's doing well in selling digital services to SMBs?
      with Nancy Cawley Lane from Local Media Association
    • 2:15PM
      Leveraging Editorial Success: Huffington Post's Native Advertising Strategy
      As one of the more recognizable editorial brands in digital media, the Huffington Post has made a science of leveraging the brand into a revenue-generating strategy via native advertising. At the forefront is Lauri Baker, HuffPo's head of brand strategy and sales. There are strong lessons here for strong local brands trying to do the same.
      with Lauri Baker from The Huffington Post
    • 3:00PM
      Best Practices in Native Advertising
      This session hears from three highly successful native advertising programs in the country on issues of how the programs are staffed, sold and executed. Who handles the creative (writing) part of the equation? What are the conflicts with the editorial (newsroom) side of the business?
      with Mike Orren from Speakeasy, Todd Handy from Deseret Digital Media, Mari DiChiara from Philadelphia Magazine
    • 3:45PM
      Why Your Clients are Flocking to Angie's List (and Others)
      Why do so many SMBs seem to be flocking to Angie's List? Do Yelp, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter really work, or are they just the latest fads? Does radio work anymore? Yellow page ads? Working directly with SMBs, Shannon Kinney's marketing agency has no allegiance to print or broadcast - or digital for that matter. She and her team just knows what works and what doesn't. This drill-down session strips out the hyperbole and the unproven and focuses on what type of advertising mix is working for SMBs, with real-life designed not to push any single medium, but to drive results.
      with Shannon Kinney from Dream Local Digital
    • 4:30PM
      Quick Primer: Everything You Need To Know About Beacons
      The latest marketing buzz is about in-store beacons. You'll hear them referenced throughout #LOAC2015, but here's where you can get a quick dose of Beacon 101. Join Borrell's Director of Research Corey Elliott, fresh back from a daylong conference on beacons with major retailers, delivers the details. You'll get not only a basic primer on beacons, but also Elliott's thoughts on how they're likely to affect local marketing.
      with Corey Elliott from Borrell Associates
  • 5:00PM
    Cocktail Reception
    Sponsored by SOCi

Tuesday, March 3rd

  • 7:30AM
    Sponsored by WideOrbit
  • 8:30AM
    Recap of Monday's Sessions
  • 8:45AM
    Digital's Impact, by The Numbers
    As co-founder and executive chairman emeritus of comScore, Gian Fulgoni gets a birds-eye view of the latest trends in consumer behavior. In this session, he'll describe the arc of change from traditional to digital advertising and commerce, its impact on local, and what the future holds as mobile payments gain adoption. He'll also share the latest trends as mobile apps become the dominant platform and consumers increasingly use their devices for transacting. Finally, Mr. Fulgoni will walk through some fresh comScore research on how consumers feel about mobile payments and how they expect to this behavior to become part of their daily live.
    with Gian Fulgoni from comScore, Inc.
  • 9:15AM
    Prepping for the Beacon Bonanza
    Retailers have already installed tens of thousands of beacons that, if successful, might spell the end to coupons delivered by mail and by newspaper circulars. The opportunities for local media companies could be big - but only for those who know how to engage the technology to ping wallet-ready pedestrians with pertinent offers. Beacon expert Jared Dean, CTO of StepLeader, walks through the results from several beta tests and answers the all important question: how can local media participate in the beacon bonanza?
    with Jared Dean from StepLeader
  • 9:45AM
    How Programmatic Changes Everything
    Does the shift to programmatic buying mean that sales reps will become the blacksmiths of this century? Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research, who is one of the investment community's lead digital-media analyst, believes that the industry will continue to commoditize itself, leading to a very different advertising landscape five years from now.
    with Brian Wieser from Pivotal Research Group
  • 10:15AM
    Sponsored by Collective
  • 10:45AM
    What Ad Agencies Want From Local Media
    Ad agencies are increasingly directing a lot of digital media buying. So how do they view the digital offerings of traditional local media companies (newspapers, radio, TV, yellow pages)? Do their digital offerings drive results, or are they merely seen as inadequate add-ons? What might the future role of these legacy advertising channels be, in the face of an increasingly digital/mobile world?
    with Lori Hiltz from Havas Media North America, Mike Donahue from 4A's
  • 11:15AM
    Local Media in 2020: The Experts' View
    What will local media companies look like 5 years from now? In rapid-fire succession we'll hear insights from those who are leading their companies - the chief digital officers at Sinclair Broadcast Group, Cox Media Group, Hearst, and CBS Local Media. Each will take the stage and present their view of the future, and the most important things their companies need to tackle to meet that future successfully.
    with Rob Weisbord from Sinclair Broadcast Group, Neil Johnston from Cox Media Group, Ezra Kucharz from CBS Local Digital Media, Mike DeLuca from Hearst Newspapers, Grey Persons from Borrell Associates
  • 12:15PM
    2015 Innovator of the Year Presentation
    This is our 7th annual award. We select a local media executive who's driven remarkable transformation in his or her company. Past recipients have included Colleen Brown, CEO of Fisher Communications; Clark Gilbert, CEO of Deseret Media; Ezra Kucharz, president of CBS Local Digital Media; Kirk Davis, COO of GateHouse Media; and Adam Symson, chief digital officer for The E.W. Scripps Co.
    Speakers to be announced.
  • 12:30PM
    Networking Lunch
    Sponsored by Tapclicks
  • 1:30PM
    Dessert With Exhibitors
  • 2:00PM
    ReachLocal: Retooled, Reset & Ready for 2015
    As ReachLocal approached its 10th anniversary last year, it hit a wall. Customer complaints mushroomed, the sales staff churned at an alarming rate, and revenues and profits slid. Since the appointment of CEO Sharon Rowlands in April 2014, ReachLocal has been undergoing deep transformation. Rowlands, an expert at reshaping companies, will describe how she views the new, uber-competitive digital marketplace that ReachLocal has found itself in, and how the company is being retooled with a better sales model, stronger product set, and superior go-to-market strategy for 2015.
    with Sharon Rowlands from ReachLocal
  • 2:30PM
    Google's SMB Strategy: Break All the Rules
    Here's one way to figure out what SMBs need: Break all the rules by hyper-serving them, then figure out what's scaleable and what isn't. That's what Google did in 2014, via its' Wave Experiment. Joe DeMike, the program's leader, outlines what Google learned by forgetting the rules and listening intently to what SMBs want. And he'll share all the huge mistakes they made along the way!
    with Joe DeMike from Google
  • 3:10PM
    Local Media Consortium
    The Local Media Consortium continues to gain momentum, forming an array of partnerships in the past year with writers, video content companies, audience-extension networks, and even obituary networks. Join us for this update on LMC's strategtic initiatives, who's benefiting, and where the consortium is headed next.
    with Chris Hendricks from McClatchy
  • 3:30PM
    Wrapup: Highlights & Conclusions
    This interactive session will offer key observations from the past two days of LOAC2015, but spend more time compiling an action list for attendees. What's the first thing you'll change when you get back at your desk?
    with Gordon Borrell from Borrell Associates, Corey Elliott from Borrell Associates, Jim Brown from Borrell Associates

Conference ends at 4:30 PM on Tuesday

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