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Local Ad Data

To gauge your sales potential, track your market share, and grow your local media business, you need to know how your clients and prospects are spending their marketing budgets. Borrell's market data can be configured to cover the exact list of counties that defines your territory, from the online Compass Service to our Local Ad Spend Report (LA$R™) series for key vertical markets.

Make your sales and marketing more efficient.

Track spending by local and national businesses in 100 categories that are trying to reach consumers in your market with

  • Traditional Advertising (11 media)
  • Promotions Spending (16 channels)
  • Digital Advertising (6 formats)
  • Mobile Advertising (5 delivery methods)

"At the Dow Jones local media properties we are big fans of Borrell's Compass report and use it on a daily basis.

At the management level we use Compass to track market share, set budgets, prioritize categories of business to pursue and to determine what growing digital offerings we need to provide for our clients. We use the Compass as a tactical tool as well. We use the Compass data to get appointments with prospects, accelerate the sales dialogue around their budgets and frame the conversations around shifting media spending. It really positions us as experts to the local SMBs.

Borrell has always been available for training as we need, and provides regular user group training and impromptu training for new users."

Kurt Lozier, SVP of Digital Media & Product Management at Dow Jones Local Media Group

Bigger than Advertising and Promotions combined.

US Businesses invest huge sums to support their digital presence. If you are thinking about offering "digital agency services" or have already started tapping into this critical component of SMB marketing, our Excel-based DSSR report will inform your budget and help you pinpoint the business categories you need to be pursuing to grow this part of your business.

  • Website design & maintenance
  • Online video production
  • App development
  • SEO
  • Email management
  • More than a dozen other digital marketing categories
Digital Service Spending Report pie chart

Online Share Report pie chart

What kinds of sites are advertisers using to reach your market?

This report shows you the share of online ad spending that is captured by websites operated by seven types of traditional media companies and by "pure-plays" ‒ sites that sell advertising but aren't affiliated with local media companies (the "dot-coms").

  • Compute your share of the local online ad spending going to sites operated by your legacy medium
  • Compute your share of the total local and national ad spend reaching your market

The Online Share report includes total spending on each media type, so you can compare your share of legacy ad spending to your share of digital ad spending.

Track your market shares over time to benchmark your progress.

For deep dives into key verticals in your market

Recruitment LA$R

For each of 26 employer categories:

  • Projected job openings by skill level
  • Current and forecast Recruitment ad spending on 5 media channels
  • Spending on employment and temp agencies, job fairs and onsite materials
  • Monthly variation in job openings

Automotive LA$R

  • Current and forecast spending on each media type by
    • Independent and Franchised Dealers
    • Dealer Associations
    • Manufacturers
  • Spending on new cars vs. used cars
  • Vehicle unit sales by dealer employee count

Real Estate LA$R

  • Current and forecast ad spending (Residential vs. Industrial) on each of 11 media types by
    • Real Estate developers
    • Mortgage Providers
    • Brokers & Agents
    • Rental Property Managers
  • Population shares of 14 social group types
  • Market demographics and consumer behavior summary

Canada Compass

The Canadian version of the Compass is similar in format and function to the U.K. Compass, although the list of business categories is slightly different. It, too, can be defined at the postal code level.

UK Compass

Borrell Associates has developed an Excel-based version of the Compass Service for markets in the U.K. It provides current and forecast (+5 years) advertising and promotions spending for 100 business categories that are slightly different from those used in the US version. Digital advertising is broken out by four ad formats.

Our "numbers" come from a model of marketing spending that has been under development – and in use by media companies – since the 1990s. Kip Cassino started combining data sources to produce models of market spending activity when he worked at Knight Ridder. When he predicted the imminent collapse of the classified advertising franchise he was rewarded for his foresight with a pink slip. He founded Ad Audit Services and sold his estimates to a variety of media companies.

When Ad Audit Services added Internet advertising to its estimates, Borrell Associates became its client – and very soon its largest client. In 2005 Borrell Associates purchased Ad Audit Services, and Kip became our Senior Vice President of Research.

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