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Market-Level Ad-Spending Forecasts

Currently: $990

New for 2017: Our Local-Market Forecast Report

Want to know what's forecast for your market in 2017? Market shares for a dozen different types of media? Order this report today for $990.

What does the report include?
The report includes our 2016 estimates and 2017 forecast for your market, broken down by what advertisers are spending on a dozen types of media (newspapers, online, local TV, network TV, radio, direct mail, yellow pages, magazines, outdoor, cable, cinema and telemarketing). It also includes a breakout of national and local advertising for both years, plus a table showing the Top 25 advertising categories in your market with their 2017 spending estimates.

When will I receive it?
Delivery will be within three business days from the date you place your order, via email attachment.

How do you determine my market geography?
Actually, YOU determine the geography. Just tell us the counties included. (Note: we cannot work with partial counties or Zip Codes.)

How do you estimate my market?
Our methodology starts with a database of all businesses located in a market and estimates their expenditures utilizing a variety of sources. For detail, visit www.adspending.com and click on "RESOURCES."

Can I speak with an analyst about my report?
Absolutely! We'll even go online with you and show you deeper levels of data from your market, if you wish.

More questions? Call us at 1-757-221-6641 or email us at info@borrellassociates.com.

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