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Local Ad Spend Reports (LA$Rs™)

Detailed Local Spending in Key Verticals

Compass Local Ad Spending Data

Borrell's Local Ad Spend Reports (LA$Rs) provide more detail on important vertical markets than is included in the Compass Service. They help you plan effective strategies for increasing your share of these categories and provide you with distinctive new perspectives on the market that your clients and prospects will want to see.

LA$Rs are delivered in Excel workbooks and cover whatever collection of counties defines your market.

We are developing LA$Rs for other vertical markets. If you need an in-depth look at a vertical in your area, please contact us to discuss beta testing a new report format, or helping us test one based on your specifications.

Auto LA$R™

Auto LA$R™

  • Current and forecast spending on each media type by
    • Independent and Franchised Dealers
    • Dealer Associations
    • Manufacturers
  • Spending on new cars vs. used cars
  • Vehicle unit sales by dealer employee count

Recruitment LA$R™

Recruitment LA$R™

For each of 26 employer categories:

  • Projected job openings by skill level
  • Current and forecast Recruitment ad spending on 5 media channels
  • Spending on employment and temp agencies, job fairs and onsite materials
  • Monthly variation in job openings

Real Estate LA$R™

Real Estate LA$R™

  • Current and forecast ad spending on each of 11 media types by Residential and Industrial...
    • Real Estate developers
    • Mortgage Providers
    • Brokers & Agents
    • Rental Property Managers
  • Market demographics and consumer behavior summary

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