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Digital Services Spending Report

Bigger than Advertising and Promotions Combined

Digital Service Spending Report

Business spend more for these digital marketing services than they do for online advertising and promotions combined ‒ by a factor of 5x at the US level. That's why so many media companies are developing Digital Agencies to go after a share of this spending and generate new revenue streams for their digital operations.

Our Digital Services Spending Report breaks out spending on each of the following digital marketing services by each of the 100 business categories that Borrell tracks ‒ for eight employee size cohorts as well as the category's total.

This report can be the foundation for your Digital Services strategy

  • Gauge the size of these opportunities in your specific market
  • Determine which digital services make the most sense for you to offer
  • Track your share of this spending as it continues to grow
  • Focus on the business categories that buy the most of what you have to sell
  • App Development
  • Blog Management
  • Digital Press Release Management
  • Email List Purchasing
  • Email Marketing
  • Listings Claiming
  • Online Ad Design
  • Online Agency/Exchange Fees
  • Online Consulting and Research
  • Online Contest/Game Development
  • Online Video Production
  • Opt-in List Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Site Visitor Analytics
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design/Maintenance
  • Web Hosting

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