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2020 Outlook: What Businesses Spend on Digital Marketing Services

Businesses are spending phenomenal amounts of money trying to win exposure via digital media. In 2020, spending on digital marketing services will surpass $800 billion -- more than twice what U.S. businesses invest in advertising. For a small business costs can add up to six figures without them even knowing it. READ MORE.

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How are agencies mixing things up? This 15-page report offers rich insights from our 2019 survey of 446 local agencies.

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This is our annual summary of what local ad-buyers are doing. It stems from our 2019 survey of 2,288 advertisers and includes insights on what they're buying, how much they're spending, and how it's all changing. READ MORE

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We've recast our estimates for the amount of digital advertising available to local media companies in each market and have issued our forecasts for 2020 for all types of media. READ MORE

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Every month we ask our panel of local marketers a series questions on a particular topic. The results yield insights that help us better understand the state of local marketing and advertising. While the results are meant for internal usage, we do compile the results for panelists. And, occasionally, we release some of those reports to Borrell subscribers.

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When it comes to online marketing services, DIY is fairly prevalent. More than half of local advertisers in our most recent panel survey indicated that they’re doing at least some of the work involved in website design, content creation, and video and audio production. This 8-page report from our monthly advertiser panel looks at four types of marketing services and explores what’s DIY, what’s farmed out, and whether advertisers are thinking of abandoning DIY and hiring service providers. This report is for Borrell subscribers only and is not for sale.

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The meteoric rise of digital advertising over the past five years has forged a new reality for local media companies. Instead of competing, most are now embracing it, driving more than $10 billion in ad sales in 2018. Our comprehensive report includes data that helps companies quantify how well (or poorly) they're doing compared with peers.

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Wrenching changes in automotive advertising are forging a new landscape for local media. Broadcast media and newspapers are losing more ground, while online and direct mail are on the rise. Our annual report examines the underpinnings of those changes. It tracks historical shifts in automotive spending across each media type and issues forecasts for up to five years.

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