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Borrell Client Memo Bracing for Beacons: Why They Matter (a lot)

If you attended our conference in New York last month, you got a dose of what beacons may offer to local media. This memo expands on that topic. We’re issuing the memo because we think in-store beacons will eventually become ubiquitous and, combined with smart phones, are likely to thrust local marketing into yet another revolution. Hence, it’s a good time to read up on this topic.

Free for Subscribers | Research Memos | Industry Paper Archive

This is a Client Memo for subscribers only. If you’ve been waiting for the real estate boom and a commensurate comeback in advertising, plan to wait a bit longer. The latest data now shows that the residential real estate boom is still little more than a few distant thunderclaps with spotty showers. In fact, home sales are likely to be down this year, and we’ve just made a downward adjustment to our forecast growth in real estate advertising – 7% higher this year compared with 17% in 2013.

Free for Subscribers | Real Estate | Research Memos | Industry Paper Archive

This is a Client Memo for subscribers only! We wanted to give you a head’s up on some abrupt shifts in automotive advertising we’ve begun to notice. The good news is that auto advertising is up. By our projection, it will end up at 6.8% more than 2013. The bad news is, the longtime beneficiaries of automotive advertising – broadcast and print media – will experience exactly the opposite.

Automotive | Research Memos | Free for Subscribers | Industry Paper Archive

We have released our outlook for local digital advertising in the U.S. and Puerto Rico for 2014. The market numbers are accompanied by a memo describing what we're seeing ad midyear 2013. This memo is available to clients only and is not to be distributed publicly.

Research Memos | Mobile | Industry Paper Archive

‘Tis the season for giving, and in that spirit Borrell Associates is pleased to make our 2010 mobile ad-spending estimates for more than 200 local markets our holiday gift to you – along with a little analysis as to what to expect next year. It’s free

2009 | Mobile | Research Memos | Free Archives of Older Papers | Industry Paper Archive

While everyone’s been writing the obituary for the newspaper industry, our numbers are showing something entirely different. We’re expecting U.S. newspapers to see a decline in 2009, then a mild rebound over the next five years. Our latest projections call for a 2.4% increase in newspaper advertising in 2010, and low single-digit increases for several more years. Download our free memo describing our projections. We also offer a market-by-market estimate for newspaper spending in 2009 and 2014 for $295.

Newspapers | 2009 | Research Memos | Free Archives of Older Papers | Industry Paper Archive

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