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February 12, 2014

The Future of Legacy Media:
With 5 Years of Digital Disruption Ahead, What Happens Next?


This 42-page industry paper represents a deep dive into how legacy media’s audience and revenues are trending. A full chapter is devoted to each medium, examining what’s likely to happen by 2018 to radio, broadcast TV, direct mail, cable, newspapers, yellow pages, and “other print” (magazines, etc.). Will newspapers die out to tablet usage? Do yellow page books disappear? Can cable advertising continue its growth jag? This report contains four dozen charts and graphics and delivers analysis on the changing role of digital media as these “old-time” companies struggle to recreate themselves. Conclusions foresee three distinctly different types of companies foraging for ad dollars on the local media landscape. Sources include Scarborough, Nielsen, the Newspaper Association of America, Veronis Suhler, Consumer Electronic Association, Arbitron, the U.S. Postal Service, Market Authority and Borrell. An introductory chapter is available for free.


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