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April 12, 2016

Trends in Digital Marketing Services


Our 42-page report on DMS dissects how $613 billion is being spent this year across all sizes of businesses that are trying to polish their digital presence. Among the findings: The two categories that businesses spend the most on -- web hosting and design -- are switching positions with SEO and social media management. In short, advertisers have finished the basic structure of their digital storefronts and are venturing out into their SIMS-like communities to find virtual customers. For media companies, ad agencies and others who are rushing to offer digital services, the report offers some advice: Be wary of the "S" in the SMBs. The smallest of businesses spend less than $1,000 per year on DMS; the sweet spot are those with 50 or more employees, where annual spending jumps into the tens of thousands. This is a must-have report for anyone in the business of selling SEO, hosting, web design, social media management, mobile marketing, and email management. It includes 30 charts and graphics, plus an appendix that offers greater detail on how the smaller local businesses, SMBs, are utilizing digital services and how that is likely to change over the next four years. An Executive Summary and Table of Contents is available for free.

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Businesses have spent the past decade staking their digital claims and are now entering a new marketing phase: building the equivalent of SIMs villages. They're slowing down expenditures on things such as hosting, site design, and ad-management fees and have begun plowing billions into SEO, mobile media, and social media management. This 42-page report includes spending forecasts to 2020. It is the deepest dive you'll find anywhere on Digital Marketing Services (DMS) -- a category so big that it's spawned a cottage industry of 248,100 service businesses across the U.S.


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